We created a ruler!

Hey all, thought I’d share a fun little project we did here at Avid CNC using the laser:

We made some rulers!

Early on in testing I was making calibration tests to see how accurate things were between the motion of the machine, our test mount plates etc. Turns out even with some pretty janky mounts on our early test rigs we were getting really good accuracy.

Now with our production mount you can make something as accurate as a ruler easily. I’ve made a handful of these and they are really on point. They line right up with a good pair of calipers and 123 blocks.

It makes perfect sense that this would work given the accuracy of the machine it’s attached to, but it still impresses the heck out of me every time I make one.

If anyone is interested in making their own, and they don’t want to create their own files I’ve attached them here.

Processing: Square Ruler (1).crv3d…
Ruler 8inch (3).crv3d (1.6 MB)

This cool utility was used in creating the ruler files too: Vector Ruler SVG Generator

Happy lasering!


Hi Eric,
Those are nice.
Did you find a place to buy ruler or square blanks?

Nah, I just cut them out of 1/16" thick plywood using a laser profile pass.

Ha, thats what I get for reading the forum on my phone. Looked like brush stainless on the small screen :slight_smile:

Ha! Well you could mark on stainless or anodized aluminum for sure!