Extra Categories

I’m immediately thinking a few extra categories:

Upgrades/Modifications - extensions, modifications, bases, vacuum tables, lifting dust boots, toolchangers, extra axis, linear scales, etc. etc.
Macros and Programs - automation for efficiency, customization, screensets etc. Maybe even one for MACH 4, and another for others?
Tooling and Materials - what material did you cut, and what tooling did you try/use? Where did you source it? PCBs, Plastics, layered ply, aluminums, Copper etc. etc.

Other thoughts?

Definitely need a troubleshooting category. The Facebook page gets several troubleshooting questions a day.

These are great suggestions. We started this out with a small set of categories just so it didn’t feel so empty at the beginning.

For most of the things you’re suggesting I’d just put them in the General category. We’re paying close attention to the posts so when there’s a significant number of a particular category we’ll just move them to a new category.

You can also “tag” posts that you make. You can make whatever tags you want. A tag might be “help me!” or “Modification”

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A post was split to a new topic: Learning about Mach 4 macros

How do you make a new tag? The one time I tried to type one it, I couldn’t get it to take.

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When you create a topic you can add a tag just to the right. If you’re already created a topic just go to it and click the pencil icon and you can add a tag. There should be a dropdown that shows existing tags, and you can create a new one if you want.

I typed a tag in the “optional tags” box, but I can only select existing tags. I think maybe I don’t have permission to create them.

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Ahh. I’ll look into that.