Interested in having an "Everything Lasers" Category?

Hi Everyone,

I just wanted to post here to see if there is support for an “Everything Lasers” category. I have been using Opt Lasers on my AVID 48x48 for a couple years, and have been helping people all around the world get their lasers working on AVID machines, so I know there are a lot of AVID laser users out there.

I keep up with all of the ESS plugin changes that have to do with laser support, and have a YouTube channel where I try to introduce the new features, as well as other CNC and woodworking topics.

I also have a google drive with Mach4/ESS setup info, wiring diagrams, and post processors for laser setups on AVID. They are generally good for any laser models (even though I’m partial to Opt Lasers because I think they are the best diode lasers available).

Jim Neeb


I’m up for it, as you seemed to be the only way for me to get info back when I got one on my 4896. This seems like a way everyone wouldn’t have to email you all their questions like I did.

We’re watching conversations really closely. When there’s a number of discussions that are around a particular topic we’ll move all of those posts into their own category.

One thing that would be really helpful is when you create a post “tag” it with something like “lasers” (you can edit this into your post later)



I am interested I have an Ortue 10 W running and atezr 20W in assembly .

Hi Eric,
Maybe I haven’t had enough coffee today, but I don’t see where I can add tags, only search for ones that exist already. Do tags have to be created by Admins? If so, please create a lasers tag and I will tag my post. If not, can you please instruct this slow person on the tag creation process? thanks.

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Hi Eric,

Sorry for all the questions, but this tool is new to me.

  1. Mine only shows a “search” option there, see below.

  2. I see the edit button is no longer there on some of my posts (and they were there a few hours ago), but it is there on the more recent replies I made. Is there a time limit on editing a post, or something else (such as labeling it “solved”) that locks the post for editing?

To make a tag just start typing in the tag name and then you can hit the “+” to add it as a tag.

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I tried to make a video like you did of what i was doing in the app, but it wouldn’t let me upload the .mp4. What video format did you use to do that before?

Anyway, when I hit the + sign, it just brings up the list of available tags, plus the “search” line at the top. Unlike yours, mine only says “search”, not “search or add”. If I type in a new tag, it just says tag not found, but will not add it.

I looked up how to add tags for this tool on another forum and it said adding tags was limited to administrators. It didn’t say if that’s just the way they configured it, or if that’s how the tool is.


I’m certainly a fan of the idea. Your youtube videos have been great in helping me figure out exactly how I would go about adding a laser to my avid. (Although I still haven’t actually done that yet because I don’t have a good solution for collecting the fumes.)

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Count me in as definitely interested in your support for bringing additional laser cutting feature to my cnc. I’ve googled and found Opt Lasers previously, and even subbed your YT at some point! But still have more research and questions to get answered for sure. Do you have a full tutorial outlined for your fav setup, or is the demand for just that what you’re trying to feel out here? If so, @jjneeb and @Eric count me as +1 for sure :+1:

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Cool. If I can ever figure how to get a tag in here, we can start tagging questions and then if we get enough hits maybe well get our own category :slight_smile:

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Tags should work for you now!

Hi Eric,
They do…thanks!


is it too late to say yes for a spot for lasers? :slight_smile:

It isn’t. Don’t worry, I’ll keeping tabs!

Until we do that category, use the “General” category to talk all you want about lasers!

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I believe there should be an “Everything Lasers” category. The most important advantages include:

  • people could share exciting laser-related projects they have done on their Avid CNC and inspire others to do a similar project with theirs
  • forum users could learn what the added value of having laser on their Avid CNC is,
  • forum readers, especially small businesses that do laser engraving work could learn why investing in Avid CNC is beneficial to them. Especially since there are also small laser engraver CNCs that are inferior to Avid CNC in terms of processing capability, stability, achievable resolution, working area as well as overall system lifetime to name a few. For example, an Opt Lasers laser upgrade on Avid CNC can last even up to 200 times longer than many Amazon-available laser engraver CNCs (50-100 times longer typically). Also, Opt Lasers’ XT-50 achieves much better engraving resolution than anything non-Opt-Lasers out there. Below there are two examples of ceramic tiles laser engraved with XT-50 (Ultra HD Definition):

  • anybody setting their CNC laser upgrade on Avid CNC up could quickly find what they are looking for, rather than browsing through the entire forum.



Im thinking of adding an OPT laser to my AVID 6060 Pro. For those of you who have added the OPT Laser how easy was the integration and what issues if any did you have ?

Hi Jim thank you for posting and sharing this info. I had added a laser to my custom machine with Mach 3 several years ago. I will be adding a Laser to my new Avid 6060Pro so this is very useful information as Im not as familiar with Mach 4.