G54 offsets disappeared

Hi everyone, is there a way that I can home my AvidCNC and zero out xyz without losing my G54 offsets in Mach4?

Not sure what you are trying to to. By definition, if you home your machine and zero there your active offset (usually G54, but could be G55, G56 …) will be set equal to MACHINE COORDINATES zero, zero, zero.

I think the answer to your question is:
#1: Home your machine - This sends the spindle to your homing sensors and set MACHINE zeros.
#2a: If you already had a your G54 set to a work offset you are done. Do not click any of the zero axis buttons
#2b: Move your machine to where your work zero, zero, zero is THEN click the zero axis buttons as appropriate.

After homing your machine, click on the Machine Coordinates button at the bottom of the Zero (xyz) buttons. You will see that the spindle is at Machine Coordinates 0,0,0.

Hope this helps

“Zero X” means “set the current work offset X value to the current machine coordinate X value so that the current X position in the selected work offset will be zero”. The key to not losing your G54 offsets is this part:

because those buttons work by changing your current offset values.

You can utilize other offset stores - there’s G55, G56, G57…and literally dozens more to choose from. Set one up as this fixed point you return to regularly, and leave G54 for the ‘dynamic’ offset for use with normal CNC work. If you already know about it, cool. If you didn’t and you want to know more, just ask! I bet someone could cut a video for you to demonstrate.