Tramming Program issues

Good Morning. I’m trying to run my tramming test program and I keep getting this message:

“Z axis commanded over SoftMin”

Has anybody experienced this? I’m new to CNC. I have an Avid Pro 4848.

Welcome to the forum, Steve.

I hope you don’t mind starting off by answering a few questions:

After you’re all set up to start, if you carefully jog down very close to the surface of your tramming test board, what Z value does Mach show in the work coordinates?

And in machine coordinates?

What Z is commanded in the G-code at line 22?

I believe if I’m reading it right, it shows 41.8907 in work coordinates and -5.6875 in machine

Line 22 reads G00 G43Z0.8000H1

I’m still very new to this. I hope I’m giving you the relight info.

Thanks for your help.

Is 41.8907 the Z value? It seems more appropriate for an X or Y value. It’s definitely out of range if it’s a Z value.

The -5.6875 value for the machine Z looks ok.

In the Offset tab (in the top panel), what is the G54 Z offset value?

In the Tool Change tab (in the bottom panel), if you click on the tool table button, are there any numbers that aren’t zero, especially for Tool #1?

Line 22 seems fine.

If it’s easy enough, it would help to see screenshots of the Offset tab and tool table.

This usually happens to me on X and Y when I have the start/stop location in VCarve Pro set to a coordinate outside the work area on the machine. So if I change the origin to X10 in Mach and run a program that goes to X45 it would be over the physical X limit of the machine. Maybe you have the Z safe travel height set too high in VCarve (assuming you are using VCarve)

Is it possible you have the wiring mixed up Double check it!!

Thanks Jay. Leire at Avid was super helpful with helping resetting my Mach4 last night. I still have a lot to learn about tweaking VCarve and Mach4 going forward. I ran the spoilboard counterbore holes and mounting slots last night, but not all the mounting slots went all the way through. Then this morning, after screwing down the board, I ran the spoilboard surfacing Gcode, and it was basically an air pass. I’m sure I’ll get the hang of it. Having a community like this is super helpful.