Z axis command over SoftMax

I have a new PRO60120 5’ x 10’ CNC and was getting ready to run my first project. I had issues clearing my sensors which i figured this our and and got everything ready to go. Homing the machine went well, touch plate went well and when i went to run it I got the message in History. It’s driving me crazy, looking for some help.

Z axis


Check that your tool table entries are all zero. Click the Tool Table button in the Tool Change tab to the right of the tool number.

Stephen , Thanks but still get the error message

Something is putting the Z value very far out of range, but I don’t see anything in your info so far that points to the cause. I did notice that your probe signal is still active in your first photo, which is unexpected unless you were in the middle of using the touch plate. It could point to a wiring issue.

One thing to try is a restore or reset (or even reinstall) of Mach 4. Sometimes things happen out of order during initial setup, and this messes up the configuration. Here are Avid’s Mach4 restore and reset instructions. I had to do this some early on but thankfully haven’t needed to in a long time.

You can also reach out to Avid’s support here by clicking Contact Us and entering your contact info to set up a support call. I had to do this during initial setup, and they were very helpful.

By the way, welcome to the forum.

Can you share the first 30 lines or so of your G-code?

Thanks for the information and i will try to restore the Mach 4. The g code is here.

I appriciate all your help with this. I am trying my best to figure this machine and its software out to avoid the calls but, sometimes it gets frustrating. lol

Still nothing comes to mind. I’d try the restore then the reset and see how it goes.

Interesting Z dro value in the first screen shot as Stephen noted. Looks like using your touch probe did not zero in the Z axis. Try moving your spindle somewhere close to where you think your Z0 is and click on the Zero Z button. Program “should” run.


I just went to the machine and clicked the Z zero button and got the same message, see the screen shot below.

I really need to talk with someone to walk me through this issue. My jobs are backing up and I am now getting frustrated.

I can be on my machine today Eastern time from now till 1 PM then from 3 = 4 PM


The error changed from Z to X, so that’s a difference, at least. It looks like your toolpath is outside your physical axis limits. Are you zeroing XY at the bottom left corner and Z at the material surface, like your program comments indicate? You can click on the Program Extents tab above your DROs and switch to machine coordinates to see if your program is within the work area.

Another thing to try is to jog the spindle to what you think is zero,zero,zero and THEN zero all the DROs manually. It looks like the problem is with the touchplate… As Stephen noted, the touchplate shows active in all your screenshots.

We feel this issue should be communicated directly to the Avid CNC Customer Experience Team if it hasn’t already. Please contact us here: Avid CNC