Going to specific tool path in Gcode file

Can anyone answer…

We all know AVID/Mach4 allows multiple tool paths within the same Gcode project file as opposed to a pendant system where you must run one tool path at a time. Say you finish one tool path and the machine is telling you to MTC for the next. What if you want to step back to the previous tool path and re-run it? With the thousands of lines of Gcode, it is next to impossible to scroll up with my mouse and get to the exact point I need to find.

Thanks guys.

There will be a header for each toolpath you have in the file. That header is easy to find while quickly scrolling because there will be more data than just vectors.

I’m not sure what you are cutting. But if there is a toolpath I need to rerun. I would just export that one path as an individual file and run it by itself. Usually when I return a toolpath it’s because I didn’t get the results I want. So by exporting an individual file you can make changes to fix the issue requiring it to be ran again.

Most of the time I run individual toolpaths to keep it simple.

But more so towards your question. You should be able to click the rewind gcode button or the run gcode from here button. Scroll to where you want to run it from, and start it again.

If you use the run gcode from here button. Just follow the instructions that pop up.

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Thanks for the suggestions. Unfortunately I’ve not had much luck with the scroll wheel and finding what I was looking for within the Gcode file, which is a massive .txt file.

I was hoping for something really easy within Mach4 that someone knew of that I didn’t. Oh well! It was suggested to me today to export the file to notepad and do a text search to find the line number I needed and then go to that line number and run the program from there.

If that doesn’t go well I may just have to start separating my tool paths in Vectric rather than combining them. Maybe the makers of Mach can make this more user friendly.

This is by far going to be your best option for getting what you want. There’s preamble in each G Code file that you might want too. Sometimes rewinding back to a particular line won’t have a tool change or other command at the beginning of a file that you wouldn’t get if you just rewound.

Is there a fast way to get to that Gcode line?

Try this:

With the combined toolpath loaded in Mach 4, click “Edit Gcode”. Then the toolpath will pop up in a note pad window. Use the search function in the note pad window to search for your tool path name. Note the Line number. Then close the editor and type that line number into the Current Gcode Line field.

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