Help with molding toolpath

Hey guys, my son is doing a remodel job on his kitchen and needs a cabinet door to replace one. It’s not exactly a raised panel door, but more of a “lowered panel” door. The profile gets deeper towards the center! So basically there’s a center rectangular pocket surrounded by a profile raising up towards the outside, and then a flat edge around the circumference. Every attempt I’ve done so far wants the profile to go up towards the center. How in the world can you reverse it, so it gets deeper going inwards?
Right clicking on the profile and “reverse direction” just changes CW vs CCW direction of travel, not the direction of the molding. It seems to me if i could select an outer profile line and make the molding go inwards it might work… but alas, you can’t do that.
I’m using Aspire ver. 11.55.
I know I could build it the traditional way, but this seems way cooler.
Hopefully I’ve made some sense here, so you understand what I’m talking about. My brain’s getting fried at this point. YouTube, vectric tutorial and/or help files don’t seem to have the solution.
Thanks in advance for any help.

Figures! After I ask for help, I discovered the answer to my own question by being more stubborn that smart. I knew it was too late to think last night.
The answer was found in a Vetric toolpath video. Evidently I missed the important 15 seconds, in the 20 minute video, where they told me exactly what to do, the first three times! I was trying to reverse the “rail” direction, which, as I said, just changes from climb to conventional, NOT what you want to do. I had to turn on the node mode and reverse the “profiles start” direction. In other words move the green square to the other side of the profile. Duh!
Oh well, my problem is solved, and perhaps someone else might run into this little issue and find this helpful.

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Please could you share the file for practice reasons.

You mean this one, sure, no problem. Have fun with it.

Raised panel door.crv3d (178.5 KB)