Hiteco 4hp - Slower than 6k?

I’m curious if it’s theoretically possible to run the Hiteco 4hp spindle at speeds slower than 6k. My understanding is that 6k is the slowest rpm that maintains enough torque to cut anything. Would it be possible to run at slower rpm if you don’t need the torque?

I’d like to try using a manual edge finder for small parts but they seem to need <1k rpm to function without exploding.

@Bernmc has VFD parameters in another thread for reducing the slowest rpm. Dunno if that’s enough info.

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There’s a configuration setting in Mach4 that you’ll need to change too - I’m away from home at the moment so can’t tell you where exactly. You can change it directly in the machine.ini file too (backup before messing with that one!)

If the default for that spindle is 6000rpm, you could just try searching for 6000 in the machine.ini. It’s something like minRPM or SpindleMinrpm - it’s fairly obvious when you find it. And there may be more than one occurrence…

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The recommended minimum RPM for the spindle is based on two factors: available torque and adequate cooling. If you don’t need the torque and don’t expect running it for extended periods of time then the risk of a lower RPM is probably low. Don’t expect much torque below 1K.

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