Hiteco 4hp spindle with .006 runout

Build is complete, squared and trammed this weekend. I need ot get dust collection set up and spoilboard.
I looked at the videos you posted, do you get the same runout on the bad spindle in the bore? I coud not tell from the video, looked like it did not repeat the same runout on the bore, if this is the case it may be an issue wiht the taper itself being out of round causing the runout.

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Nice detail in your product! I know that took some time to get down. So you are past being referred to as a “noob.” :rofl:

I have to ask, did you mess with your max acceleration in the configuration any or are you just setting your speeds and feeds correctly?

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the runout at the taper was .004 slightly less than with the pin in the collet which I would have expected. I’ve got a new one coming, but it spins smooth no grinding or unusual noise. I think it would be ok for slab flattening not so much for 3d work.

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Thanks for graduating me up to “noob +1” status… lol I run the Avid profile with ESS 278 to allow for some laser features. So no Accel changes. I set my tools to run at 100 ipm 12k-18k rpm depending on bit size.


Bryan, if the taper is out of round that would cause the problem you are seeing it also explains why the tool slipped. You can check it by making a plug and checking the fit, you may be able to lap it with a plug and save the spindle. It may not be exact, but it shoud improve the runout at a minimum.

Ok, if I had the power to elevate you, you would be Noob+5!

You are doing it correct! I am going to link back to your pictures every time somebody starts telling new folks to futz with the max accel settings! :star_struck:

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that would be great, when I get time I’ll do some more indicating on it, I’m not familiar with doing the plug test, I’ google it. maybe chuck it up on the big lathe and do some die grinding… lol

I may try to stop by one day. I have a few questions I wanted to ask you about.

hell I’m sorry for the 18 day late response to this message, lol You can stop in when ever you like. I look forward to it.


Most spindle rebuilders will give you an estimate and failure mode analysis at no-charge. Before I plopped down that kinda money on a replacement spindle, I would have a quote done for a rebuild from an independent rebuilder. It may be that a repair would be 80% or more of the cost to replace with a new spindle, but that doesn’t mean it’s the case. I find it interesting that they said, “due to the nature of the damage…” How do they know what the damage is if they haven’t received it in to inspect its components. It’s likely bearings, but I’d be interested to know if you hear any noise when the spindle is rotated, feel any play in the spindle, etc. There are many reputable spindle rebuilders. One is Precision Drive Systems. Not sure if they will deal with this class of spindle, but a lot of the production machine shops and job shops I work with have used them. Others include RMR Spindle Repair and Fischer Spindles.

thanks for the info. I offered the spindle for them to look at. The spindle does not make any unusual noise and is smooth when spun by hand and no detectable play. I was hoping they would replace it, since I have multiple machines from Avid and lots of extras and promote them whenever I can, but I understand as well. They sold me an “open box” for a couple hundred off.


If you are measuring off your collet…it’s a strong chance it is the collet.

I used a new collet for the runout test and put the same collet in another spindle I have to eliminate collet as the cause

Have you been able to compare the inside of the spindle shaft and the outside of it with no nut on? Just curious what those results look like.