Hiteco 8.7 HP Chunk

I’m wondering if it’s possible to replace the chunk of an Hiteco 8.7HP spindle.
I accidently plunged too low in a plastic board today. It melted in the collet and it was very difficult to unscrew the collet nut. I literally bended the wrench and had to use a stronger one than the one provided by Avid. The bottom of the thread of the chunk is a little damaged. I was still able to put a new collet nut and it worked, so it’s usable, but do you think the chunk can be replaced without changing the whole spindle?

Hmmm, you might see if you can find something/someone that can chase the threads and clean them up a bit.

I don’t believe you can replace that end without having the spindle rebuilt, but I could be wrong. Might be worth contacting support to be sure.