Does anyone know what connector is used on the Hiteco spindle

I’ve got a Hiteco spindle and i’m trying to use the same connector for the spindle wire.

Check this diagram:

Is that the same for the 6.5 kW spindle?

I believe all of our spindle cables are standardized around that spec. I pulled that off our product listing page for the 4hp. It looks like the 8.7 doesn’t have the connector diagram on it. You could contact support and they may be able to give it to you, or confirm that it’s the same as the 4hp.

I don’t want to say with 100% certainty because I don’t have both to compare.

I guess what i’m really looking for is this part number. I want to leverage your spindle cable with my Hiteco spindle, but I just have the wire gable on my Hiteco.

I need this part # of the male connector:

That should be the same:

Sorry Eric, I’m not being clear. I need the part number of the part in the picture. I want to replace my wire gland with a circular connector that works with your m23 cables.

Here is the gland I want to replace

It’s probably one of these: McMaster-Carr

Althougth I don’t know if it would fit in the body of the spindle, you’d have to check the measurements. You could also check Automation Direct which would likely have cheaper prices.