8HP ATC Spindle Options

Are there any near plug-and-play options available for an 8HP w/ATC?

I recommend getting ahold of Alex at cnc depot. He sells setups for avid machines. I have a 3hp one from him that he makes, its a really nice unit. I know some people on here have bought a 5hp Hiteco unit from him as well.

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I actually just got done e-mailing Ryan from CNC Depot. They’ve got a 5.6HP. Since I’m running on single-phase that’s not a whole lot less than I’d get out of the AVID 8.7HP MTC, so that seems like a great option.

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I got this spindle from him…it’s pretty great! Definitely check out my build series about it:

I talk about the ATC in Ep 5 through 9, detailing all the setup.


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