CNC Depot S30C ATC on Avid Platform

Hey all, some of you are in the Facebook Avid group but I assume some are not. For those who are not (and for those who have come across this there) I write a document for the installation and setup of the S30C ATC spindle on the Avid machines. It includes how to setup tool stations and how to add tools to Fusion 360 as well as Vetric software.

Currently, I’m revising the document to include new lessons learned, FAQ, troubleshooting, and other suggestions. I’m also working on a completely new screen set that’s centered on machines with an ATC. If you are interested in this please let me know. You can now find me here as well as in the Facebook Avid user group.

If you have question please feel free to ask.

If you are interested in the document you can reach me at


Hey @Jparker I’m SO GLAD you are here. That doc is awesome. I’ve been following some of the videos that folks have been making from your doc too, very cool to see.


Would be great to have the docs/video links etc here too - I’m not daft enough to let Zuckerburg spy on my knickers!

I’m also putting an S30C on my Avid, but as I’m not on Facebook I have no idea where/how to read your doc… link for the rest of us? Thanks in advance!

Also, since I’m not using Avid’s or CNCDepot’s electronics and hadn’t seen your docs ahead of time, my setup is certainly different than anyone else’s, so I offer it as an alternate way to do things, in case it inspires others…

The 3D-printed red hood at the bottom can blow air on the tool tapers before grabbing them, or blow air down at the tool bit. Hence the four-port solenoid manifold :wink:

I’ve yet to program the ATC stuff, but as I’m using LinuxCNC I don’t know how useful it would be to the usual Avid user. I’m still gathering all the examples I can regardless of platform.

I also added a pair of springs to counterbalance the heavy spindle. Maybe Avid could make this add-on a standard option? :wink:


Check out these videos using @Jparker 's guide

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Thanks! Watching the ATC in action made me realize I need to redesign my air nozzles to not be in the way of the toolholders :stuck_out_tongue:

You can reach me at and I can send you the document


I updated the post to include my email which is how you can get the document

Thanks Eric, woudl be amazing to see Avid’s ATC. I would not mind writing a doc for that too :wink: I know you all have had one in the works for some time.

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