How to enforce a change to the Mach4 Input Signals

I need to force AVID to use the P2-8 input signal for my Motor 1-- limits (because there is a fault on the board). This has been working fine for a year but my PC recently died and I can’t remember the spells that I cast to make it work.

MACH4 appears to accept my change to the Input Signal, but it seems that it gets overriden by AVID, as when I go back into the Configuration dialog, it’s been set back again to P2-4.

My email conversations with support@AVID mention that I need to disable the AVID MACH4 Configuration but doing that doesn’t help; the input signals for Motor 1 still get overridden to be P2-4, even though I have set them to be P2-8.

Restarting Mach4 didn’t make it work.

Rebooting the PC didn’t make it work.

The machine.ini file shows that MACH 4 has them set to P2-8, so I think this is AVID trying to “override” my change.

Can you think of anything I might have forgotten?



I think you are resetting it BY going into the AVID config dialog. That config utility normally is needed to be run once to set up the basic configuration in Mach4.

If you want to make changes after that, go into the ESS plugin and change the pins you want, save it, and restart Mach4. What gets put into the plugin for pins will get pushed up into Mach4 settings.


Thank you!

That is exactly the cause of my problem. I was, indeed, editing values in the wrong Configuration dialog.

cool. Ya, most all of the settings that are shared between mach4 and the plugin should be edited in the plugin, and then it will get propagated to mach4. The only ones that don’t work that way are ones like motor settings that don’t exist in the plugin area.