Custom 5x10 Configuration Questions

We are finalizing our build and since we are using the ESS we thought we could try to use AVIDS Mach4 download and set everything up as avid did in their electronics. Our table is a 5x10 Plasma, Spindle with a side rotary. There are a few config settings we are not sure of for the Spindle and the two relay options offered. What is the purpose of the relay option if not for Mist and pump options? for pin configuration what exactly is the spindle PWM on (2-1) and the Spindle Relay (2-14) for and how/what is the B Motor used for?

Hiya CopperHead. Mach4 is generally used with an ESS regardless of what machine it’s attached to they’re like PB & J. You might be better served using vanilla Mach4 and following the software developer’s setup and configuration guide. You can find them on the website or, I believe, in a Documentation folder inside the Mach4 folder.

On the Avid electronics, some people use the relays for dust collectors or vacuum tables. Or any number of other personalized accessories.

Ya, I just figured i would have less issues utilizing the AVID configuration. our plan in the near future is to replace our Price Height controller with the warprunner.
So the Relays are 110volt relays?

I’m not sure their full spec but you can find it in the documentation. I think it’s covered… Initial Setup - CNC Controller Technical Manual

The relays are “multipurposed” under Mach4/ESS. Relay #2 is mist and vacuum while relay #1 is flood.

I would install the AvidCNC Mach4 (and you will gain nothing buy trying to buy the Industrial version as neither AvidCNC or Warp9 Ltd has licensed it nor published enhancements using it).

Once installed, create a new profile in Mach4 using the AvidCNC profile as the starter. Then you can customize to your hearts content and when AvidCNC updates their stuff they won’t wreck your custom configs.

EXTRA, second relay I think can be 250v 10 amps but not the first. Call the factory to confirm.

I have the table running under AvidCNC Mach4 there were just a few items i wasnt sure what they were under the pins config. I figured them out Like, PTC is an input for a VFD Failure. I did find the relays and had to make a few changes to the pins config as Im using the ESS/MB3 Board which apparently has different pin mappings from the one AvidCNC is using.
It would be nice to bypass the necessity to run gcode with communications to the TMC3in1, at least until I can purchase the Warprunner.

Just uninstall it. It’s a plugin, disable it first and then delete it out of the directory. Now, I am sure it will be reinstalled next update so maybe just disable it in your profile.

its not in the plugin, its in the screen set code. I went looking into it last night but there’s a ton of code in it ill dig through it later today. Even turning THC off still requires communication with the 3in1 which seems odd to me should the THC crap the bed and a user wants to continue to use the table they wouldn’t be able to unless they change the screen set.

Oh, well yes. That would be expected. If you want to control something you will need to add code to the UI to do that.

Mach4 isn’t very well thought out. The music and video production apps all learned to allow the plugins to present its own UI. Not so in Mach4. You are hard coding crap everywhere and all over everything in that UI.

ya and unfortunately I’m stuck with it as We Purchased several ESS/MB3 boards a few years back. I was hoping since Avid offers all of this in their support sections and they have more experience than I, I could utilize their offerings and get our newest table up and running and than tweak to our liking. lol Looks like we will be doing this from the get go. trying to hunt down post processors was the biggest part of this little journey.

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Yep, the DIY space is mainly professional programmers picking up machining and soft manufacturing. But the level of maturatity lures in those who are less skilled in that respect.

The level of programming is unfortunately high for Mach4. Their choice of not just the runtime for Lua but the fact they run it as a secondary process and push updates of the system to it (instead of a pull type flow) is downright dangerous for the beginner. It also introduces uncomfortably long pauses and jerkiness to the system.

If you need answers the Mach4 forum over at Newfangled and the Warp9 forum would be a quicker avenue for knowledge. Other than the UI you actually have very little in the way of AvidCNC specific hardware.

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