Help: Delta VFD-EL configuration with Mach4, using ESS w/C25XP BOB

Hello, I am having trouble with configuring my spindle/vfd with mach4. Products I am using: CNC Depot atc FM30C spindle, Delta VFD-EL, ESS (plugin V298) with C25XP BOB, Mach4, custom 5-axis router.

Most posts I see are 3-axis machines, where the spindle is connected to one of the axis ports, but mine are all full. I am under the impression that I use the BOB onboard relay for spindle fwd and spindle stop (I will only be using one direction for the spindle), and the ‘analog output 0-10V’ pins for speed control via PWM. I will also be using a fault signal connected to an input port on my BOB to detect VFD errors, but I believe I have that under control.

The issues I am facing are:

  1. Regarding the ‘analog output 0-10V’ pins, I don’t know the name of the pins in Mach4 pin config screen, so I don’t know how to handle the configuration process.

  2. Similar to the 1st issue, I do not know what the BOB onboard relay pins are named in the Mach4 pin config screen, so the same issue exists.

Let me know if you need any further information about my setup. If anyone has any information they would like to share regarding configuring the VFD to Mach4, that would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

Attached below is how I have it wired, without the second relay being used, as I am not using a reverse direction at this time. Also, the VFD used in the picture below is not the same one as I am using, but I beleive it uses the same principle.

Go to Warp9 page or call them and they’ll help you configure your ESS setup with your BOB.

I would be interested in seeing some pics of your 5-axis setup if you don’t mind sharing!