I think I overloaded the spindle trying too large a cutting bit on it

I think I overloaded the spindle trying too large a cove cutting bit on it. It was cutting okay with some struggle. I could hear the spindle sometimes slowing. Then suddenly it just stopped. The mini breaker at the controller flipped to off, after powering everything off, I reset the breaker but the controller won’t turn on. How can I troubleshoot this situation and determine what needs to be replaced?

When that happened to me, it was the thermal cutoff in the motor that was doing it. If your spindle has a temperature sensor, see if it’s still too hot to run.

There is no power at the spindle controller box at all. Even the fan can’t turn on. It is possible that the mini breaker broke?

Anything is possible. If you’re comfortable with a multimeter, check before and after the breaker to see if that’s where the power stops. Please be careful - spindle power can kill you.

Also, this may seem like a stupid suggestion, but make sure you turned the breaker back on and not back off. It might seem obvious but I’ve done stupider things in my time.

Thanks. The isolator switch was the issue. I have since replaced it and things are working again. Glad to know that all the safety devices kicked in and prevented any damage.