Inspecting a Plasma machine for Spindle conversion

I have a line on a used 4x8 pro used exclusively for plasma cutting, with no leg kit. Looks to feature NEMA 32’s. All of the side cabling is covered in a layer of white cutting deposits, and the Y axis bearing blocks… well, see the attached image. I’d pair the machine to an 6.5 kW Hiteco spindle. When doing the math on whether this is a good-for-the-price idea, what do you reckon likely will need replacement? I’ll put together a list for AVID to quote.

If I were you I’d price out what a consumable kit would cost (bearing blocks, belts, pinions). Those are all very easy to change out. From there you’d need a spindle upgrade kit which could be pretty easily installed on that machine.

If you’re not planning on doing any plasma work you could probably sell the torch for a good amount of money…

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Sound advice. I’m negotiating for the machine without the torch- unless employed, I couldn’t rightly represent its performance, realize maximum return. There’s value to retaining the plasma capacity- had I time and space.