Is there a cumulative "run time" value buried in Mach4 somewhere?

I was wondering if there was a cumulative run time value somewhere - not a “this job” run time value.

Something like the “hours” counter on other machines.

Just wondering if there was something that could help as a reminder for when to perform periodic maintenance, etc.



There is a Stats section in the Machine.ini file that keeps some of this.

distanceb = 0.000000
distancec = 0.000000

I added a display tab to my screenset to monitor these. You are welcome to use the screen or pull the code out of it and use it in your own screen.

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Very interesting. First off, I haven’t yet looked at your code.

But looking at the screen data you posted - unless the units are all different I would have expected spindlehours to be significantly less than totalhours - the opposite of what your data shows. I have Mach4 running for hours at a time, even if I am doing sporadic cutting.

Do you have insight into the units for the stats you are showing ?

Thanks again !!


Take the actual numbers I have with a grain of salt. My machine gets used more as a test platform for goofing around with lasers, tools, and software…and sometimes I actually make something. The distances and hours on my machine got modified a lot when I was debugging the screen, so they are fairly bogus.
Also, totalhours is a funny one. Even though its written to the Machine.ini file, its master source is the **C:\Mach4Hobby\Profiles\AvidCNC\sysvars.dat file, which is binary, so the only way to reset that variable is to delete that file and let mach4 start over.

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