Keyboard shortcuts / hot keys for Mach 4

I’m having a hard time finding a list of shortcuts. IE: Program start, Feed hold, program stop, jog increment changes, etc. I can’t find any easy way to add my own. Any advice?

Thanks! I saw that video, but it doesn’t explain how to map a key to a particular function, like “JogIncrement” or “Program Start”. I could map it to a signal…but I don’t need to do that.

Hi corbin, that video contains how to add the supported functions. What you’re looking to do starts with that same approach but I believe you’re going to have to write signal scripts that call the particular function on a signal state change - i.e. get hands dirty.

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Here are a couple to look at:

The first one is mine. I’ve added a few functions besides just jogging, so let me know if you have any questions. The second one is the most step by step description of everything needed to connect a key to a new function in the screen.


Awesome Jim, thanks! Conceptually, it looks like I would use the Keyboard plugin to add the mapping to a signal, then add some code in the screen script to handle the signal and do what I want. Not as easy as I was hoping, but easier than writing a custom plugin (which I have no idea how to do, but I think it is possible).

Thats right, you go keyboard plugin, to mach4 input signal, and then in the screen code signal to function call.

You can load my screen ( stored here if you want some examples. Its pretty easy once you see a couple examples.


Just to follow up: yeah, this works fine! I’ve also been told I can use a “listener” in lua to handle keystrokes. I’ll have to look into how to this, but for now it is working the way I want.