Short cut key for Pause program Mach4

Does anybody know how to create a keyboard shortcut for the pause program command? Is there a keyboard shortcut for e-stop? Thank you in advance!

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Yes, you can create one. I made my F10 key do the STOP function (actually it does a feed hold, then STOP) so I could stop with my wireless keyboard and avoid using the Estop.

I go over editing in this video, but not specifically for the feed hold, but the same general process would be used for other functions. Mach4 Screen Editing & new screen features for CNC laser support including laser touch plate support - YouTube

I can help you with it if you like. Just email me at if you would like help.


Thank you Jim! Your offer is very kind and generous. I will see if I can do it on my own and if I cannot, I will reach out! Thank you again!

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