Wireless controller wheel for Mach 4

Does anybody have a suggestion on the wireless controller for the AVID with the Mach 4 software? I would like one with an emergency stop.

James H

I just use a $20 hand held wireless keyboard. It has all the jogging functions (they are already mapped in the AVID screen) . I mapped the F10 key to feedhold/stop and painted the key red so I could find it quick. That way I get a smooth stop and don’t have to re-home like an Estop requires.


I just got one of those little keypads, it looks a lot like the one in your hand in one of your photos. Mine has a scroll wheel that I’m not sure will be of much use at the machine, but maybe for the computer itself. I hooked it up last night and it seems pretty slick. Soon as my computer paired with it the up/down and left/right arrows would move my spindle just like on the keyboard. There were only a couple of things I couldn’t figure out in the short time I had to play with it; I couldn’t locate the pgUP/pg/DN keys to move the Z axis at all and couldn’t figure out how to make the small incremental moves like I can on screen, it only wanted to go fast. I suspect I’ll need to map some Fn keys??

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