Using Xbox controller

Does anyone have a link to instructions for xbox controller with avid 4896? I have two machines and have always used a mini keyboard, but I have some time to fiddle and thought I might give it a try. Or if anyone has a better method I’d be interested.


I saw it was posted already but Jay Bates was where I got the info for mine. Totally free software and programmable. DM me if you have questions. You can set anything you do on the keyboard to a button on the remote. Easy peasy

Since the OP had his question answered, I’ll ask this since it’s relevant. I tried this and got mostly there. Two issues I’m having that have kept me from adopting it long-term so far…

1- Even though I checked the setting Jay said to check so that it auto-starts each time, I still have to go into the software and enable the controller each time. Any thoughts?

2- This may be a Mach4 question, but my incremental jogs seem too much. How do I change it so that each button press (or keyboard press) goes a specified number of units vs whatever is set by default in the Avid Mach4 profile?

I restart it every time I start Mach.

I have one of the buttons set up to be the start for the incremental jog, and as I hold that button down, I can move the joystick and it moves to the increment that I have set. I usually access this going into jog operations and have to use my mouse to set my jog increment. I just went into the keyboard map of what is used in Mach and I did that in the controller software. Hope this helps sorry for the weird formatting, but I’m driving and doing this with voice to talk.