Laser test file for Cut2D?

Hi everyone,
Did anyone create a laser cut and engraving test file for Vectric Cut2D already ?
There’s a ton available on Etsy but they can’t really be reused because of the way the Avid Laser has to be set up (RPM for power, depth of cut…). So I’m wondering if someone already took the time to create one :slight_smile:

hell there I think you should try to create your own test file. and then Start designing in a simple grid pattern with various tools.

I know how to do it and I already use my laser a lot. It’s just very painful to set different tool configuration for each test case. I’ll do it, but was hoping someone created one already. I would be ready to buy such a file just to save a couple of hours in my day.

I have a bunch of test files (in Vcarve).
I’m not familiar with Cut2D though, does that support the laser module, or are you just using a “laser end mill” toolpath?

I have cutting tests, engraving tests in Vcarve files (not sure if cut2d can open Vcarve files?) for vectors, and some .bmp patters for raster testing as well.

If any of that is useful to you, send me an email at and I’ll send you what i have.

Hi Jim,

The main file format for Cut2D is Vcarve. I think the files are exactly the same, Cut2D is just more limited in what it can do. I use Fusion 360 for everything but I bought a Cut2D Pro licence for the laser.
I followed Avid instructions so I created an end mill called laser and I use RPM for power.
I’ll send you an email,
Thanks a lot