Design Software Options and Post Processors

Hi, I help operate a makerspace with an AVID CNC Pro. For most members we teach Carbide Create. SOme members desire to use other software and so I’m taking inventory if you will of other software packages people use and what settings/post processors they select for use with Mach4. Thanks

Vectric vcarve pro or aspire is what I would go with. I have vcarve and it has done all I needed. If I were into carving and shaping then aspire would be the choice.

I also use and like Vectric, Aspire in my case, but some are using Fusion 360 as well. I think those two options would cover most of most of the hobby users.

I use Vcarve Pro. I have used F360 some. It is very capable, but IMO very hard to learn. Every time i use it, I have to watch a bunch of videos. With Vcarve, and I just design, make the path and go cut it.

I think it depends on what they want to make.

  • Basic 2-D cuts: Vectric VCarve
  • CAD/Parametric designs: Fusion 360
  • VCarve / Inlays: Vectric
  • Organic shapes: Design in Blender, export as an STL, import into VCarve or Fusion 360.

VCarve is easy, but relatively expensive. I’d recommend Blender over Aspire based on the cost alone.