Leveling Feet for cnc - garage is too unlevel for current height adjustments made


I am in the process of assembly my avid pro 4896 in my garage.

The pitch in my garage is too steep for the leveling feet it comes with.

Looking for solutions. Considering self leveling the garage. Shimming it with some boards. Or self leveling.

I’m thinking the best thing to do is get new feet. Looking for suggestions. Thoughts?

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Hockey pucks are what I have used in the past.


Being level is not a strict requirement, being flat is. It is definitely convenient to be level (your pencils don’t roll off, and you can use a level to balance out large uneven slabs you are flatening), but not required.

You can always put the low side up on blocks (like some plywood or particle board laminations). Make sure they rest on the floor solid. If they rock or wiggle, put some caulk or something between the blocks and your floor, and maybe between the feet and blocks too so they don’t slide easily.


I think they are M16 or M20. You can buy the longer feet through AvidCNC. Call the factory or you can go to 8020.net directly. Be sure to check with the factory as my info is for an older machine.

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I just used some hardwood under the feet. I added enough so the post was no more than 50 percent exposed exposed.

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It would depend on the amount of “out of level” it is. A short distance then I would use longer feet rods as mentioned above. However, very long rods may lead to bending of the rod or machine stability issues. So perhaps the better route would be packers made from a material which does not compress to much. ie hardwood or plastic.


I had a welder build a table out of steel and put jack screws around the perimeter of the steel frame upon which the aluminum frame rests.

hockey pucks are the pest and cheap…it helps if you have access to a lathe to do the boring etc.