Lock Mach4 work offsets

Is there a way to lock, let’s say a G57 offset?
I don’t want my G57 work offset to change but if I select the G57 instead of G54 and then use the corner finding touch the G57 offset will change according to the touch probe.

I realize this is my fault and should be more careful but is there a way to somewhat lock in these work offsets?

Yeah, I use offsets a lot, and I know the pain of accidentally changing them. The only way to do this is to backup your machine settings that save the offset once you set it to where you want it. I use a source control management program, git, to do it. And a graphical UI to see it (GitHub Desktop). that way, if I change them, I can easily revert it back to the previous value.

I wish Mach 4 had a better UI for showing which offset you are in. I might have to code something up to do this.

I did add some buttons that “copy the current offset to G54 and make G54 active” so I won’t mess up my other offsets.

Code is here: Mach-4-Avid-CNC-Customizations/Modules/CorbinsWorkshop/CWUtilities.lua at main · corbinstreehouse/Mach-4-Avid-CNC-Customizations · GitHub

Function to look at is CWUtilities.CopyCurrentOffsetToG54.


And the file for backing up your offsets is fixturetables.tls

IE: mine, in git, is:

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Thank you. This will be very helpful. Btw, your YouTube videos are great. Your attention to detail is amazing.


This is so useful. Going to be setting up mdf fixtures for a huge batch I have to do and saving all the locations will be an amazing time saver.

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I really want to add “names” to each of the offset; it would help clarify things.

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