Mach 4 contrast

I want to make the crosshairs in Mach 4 thicker so I can see them. I recall seeing it somewhere but cannot seem to find it. Anyone know how to make it easier to see?

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There’s a button on the right named ‘Display Settings’

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Did this work for you mike? I’ve had this annoying issue on one of my machines after I replaced a laptop,.

I have not had a chance to try it. I recall reading somewhere that you can go into the config file and change the line width of the crosshairs also. I will see if I can find that also.

worked on mine a few months ago when the same question came up. I think I was the one who said you can edit the config file (which is true, but…), but then davidcnc mentioned that its right on the screen (i had never noticed it there before :-)).

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I’m gonna have to slow down and read the buttons… lol. I had to roll back to mach4 4612 (I think) when I would hit the hold button, then the stop button make a change to what ever, load the gcode again and when cycle start is pressed the timer would start, but no dro action or machine movement. This has happened on both machines. I can hit rewind and it would do the same, if I hit go to x/y work zero, same time starts running not movement. I could reload gcode and it would work . Strange stuff, I have a lot of must finish stuff so I haven’t debugged exactly what triggers this.

Add me to the list of folks that cannot see a button labeled display settings…

Thanks for this david , now I can see the axis line without 3 pair of glasses on…