Mach 4 Crosshair Size Questions

Well I am not a smart man. I know it has a name and its probably simple but my window in Mach that displays the code path has cross hairs. well mine are so tiny I can’t see them. How do you make them bigger so an old man can see them. Anyone…anyone… Bueler. Any help is welcome.


Have you tried zooming the g code preview window? You can do that with the mouse wheel.

Yes but for some reason the crosshairs are like one pixel

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@SMdesign May I ask, is this something that is only happening in Mach? Or might it be a computer system setting making it that small everywhere?

If it is a system setting doing this, you may try one of these results:

If not I’m not sure, maybe Mach website could help?

Only in Mach. And only when I changed to a new computer. I haven’t been I. The shop do a couple days but I’ll check when I get back.

If woodentaknowit’s suggestion does not work, then I am not sure of the specs of your new computer but I am guessing that the screen resolution is higher of your new laptop so somethings(depends on the apps) would appear smaller on the screen

You could try lowering the resolution of your screen to match your old computer and see if thst helps in.

Thanks for the suggestions. I’ll be in the shop this weekend and try that out.

Go to your Machine.ini file and edit the iToolpathAxisLineWidth value. Mine are super skinny too, and I set it to 100 and it was better. 1000 makes it too fat. You can adjust to your taste.


These solutions are totally fine - but there’s a button on the right of the toolpath preview labeled ‘Display Settings’ where you can make the same changes live without editing config files.


Ha, I never noticed that button before! Thanks.

Holy crap! I’m guessing I’m blind. That solved the shit out of my problem!! Thanks a bunch.

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I like your assessment SMdesign.

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As an elder statesman I should use my filter more. But….

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Not on my account. Real language for the real world! Made me chuckle, sounded like me unfiltered.
Don’t know what the forum rules are, but they ought to be flexible.

I agree. I was a marine, cop and now truck driver so my vocab is to say the least, dark.

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