Unsatble Displays in Mach 4

When I load a g-cod file into Mach4, I am experiencing a problem with continuous scrolling of the g-code file. Then when I hit reset the program returns to the top and then scrolls back down. I have a similar issue with the display featuring the project that I am working on. It doesn’t seem to want to lock into a stable view. Not sure whether this is a problem with the Mach version or whether something else is causing this issue. I am running Mach 4 v2.4.3. Is anyone else having this same problem?

Sounds like a key is stuck, either a Page Down or down arrow. If it’s a laptop, maybe a track pad issue.

Thanks for your suggestion but I’m pretty sure it’s none of the keys on my keyboard. I mostly use my mouse or my MPG controller to navigate in Mach 4 and this seems to be a software problem rather than mechanical issue.

It really does sound like that…if it is a wired keyboard, try unplugging it. If it is bluetooth, disconnect it. Even given that, sometimes keys get “software stuck” by the OS, but it is pretty rare. Other basic thing to try: rebooting.

Otherwise…maybe do a video of it and someone here might know what is up.

I tried your suggestion and also reloaded another g-code program and it seemed to help. I didn’t get the continuous scrolling like before but I’m not sure whether
that is a permanent fix or I just got lucky. I will continue to experiment with other g-code files to see what happens. I will let you know how I make out. Again, thanks for you advice and for getting back to me again.

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As fast as dust kills your keyboard I learned a long time ago to use fanless PCs and touchscreens as much as possible.

Yup, I always turn my keyboards upside down in the shop when they aren’t in use to try to keep dust out. I also blow them out with compressed air often. That fine dust really has a knack for finding its way into switches, even supposedly sealed switches like on routers.

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