Random Crashes Mach4


I am running Mach 4 on a Dell i5 with 16GB ram, 64 bit, and Windows 10 Pro.
Routinely check configuration via the ESS tool and all “green” checks. But…when running a program, CNC will momentarily “hiccup”. Sometimes just a minor , sometimes a major crash, looses it mind and tries to bore a hole through my spoil board to China. I am afraid to let it run unattended.

Running the latest version of vcarve pro. It does not matter which program I run. The glitches are very random. Even manually jogging the gantry can sometimes result in a crash. Sometime violently, like it ran into a brick wall!

PC is only used for the CNC. WIFI is off and I know of nothing else running in the background that would steal away CPU cycles from Mach 4.

Very random. often when it does glitch, the x, y z homes are no longer the same.

So, I cannot tell if this is a controller issue on the 4x4 CNC or if this is a PC issue.

Needing to do some multi-layer inlays and don’t want to proceed until I get this resolved.

This has been an intermittent problem for sometime.

Ideas very welcomed!


I had similar issues but only when running larger g code files. I hid the preview window in Mach4 and it’s worked fine ever since.

I first thing I would try is running Mach4 on another PC. That should tell you whether or not it’s your current PC or not.

I’ve read static interference could also cause these types of problems as well. You might want to try grounding your dust collection hose / pipe and or using a shielded ethernet cable.

Other causes besides the laptop and static can be bad ethernet cable, and bad cable connections to motors or between components in the control box.