Mach4 shuts down while machine is cutting

Good day.

I am almost done with this Mach4 :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Today I was cutting with no issues…switch to Plasma start cutting and Mach4 shuts down.
I thought I might have clicked to close it.
So run it again it starts cutting and then shuts down while the plasma is running…

Anything I should look at…or reinstall? This would be about the 18th time :confused:
This pc is not connected to internet running windows 10 pro.

Did a reinstall nothing, system restore it now works again but the buttons for the plasma and THC displays are not working… did a reinstall again now it seems to be working :zipper_mouth_face:

IMO, Mach 4 is DOA. I’ve been using UCCNC with a UC300eth along side a small charge pump board. Personally, I don’t think that is workable either. for one, all the IO is software defined in the UC300eth, so inputs are enabled by default on boot, so there is a 1/2 second where you turn on the machine where the solenoids click on and the brake releases.

Also, UCCNC has maybe the worst probe screen of anything I’ve ever encountered.

I think maybe a Masso is the right answer, and, barring that, possibly going all the way to Centroid.

Uccnc screen seems a bit chaotic lol.
But Id rather have a chaotic screen with more stability. And probing features included which I need.

Check this Uccnc screenset that a user made

I really appreciate your post and all the others that have posted about problems with Mach4.

I have been running Mach3 for 8 or 9 years, 5 years on an AVID machine and it has only “failed” once - got an error code about running out of data. Never did figure out the exact problem. The file ran perfectly the second time.

I don’t EVER plan to convert to Mach4!!!

I was tempted when it first came out, but no way now!


I am quite sure allot of people are running Mach4 with no issues…but I am not one.
The Mach4 screen is nice…but I feel like Tom Cruise in the movie American made…when he is going to start his car he does not know if it going to start or blow up lol.

I am looking into Uccnc (Centroid looks good too)and in the future get another Avid cnc table to split my machines Router and Plasma only. I never had issues with the Mechanical side of things.
Love the machine…Avid support is good too.

I have had no issues with Mach 4, guess I should count myself lucky. I am using windows 11 with an i7 and 16gb of
Memory. Nothing special just a small intel NUC. When it exits does leave any
Logs, errors , etc?

I use UCCNC on my Benchtop Standard and it’s…fine. The ‘way’ it works is a little clunky, and besides customizing the GUI (now THAT process needs some real help) seems pretty walled-off against customization.

I run Mach4 on my PRO4848 with no screen mods - straight from Avid - and have experienced no issues. I’ve even extended it with some custom macros and wizards, which doesn’t impact the core runtime functionality. My setup is also pretty simple - spindle mode only, currently no rotary/laser/plasma accessories.

On the PRO/Mach4 machine, I rest easier knowing that there’s support if something did start acting up. With anything else, I know I’d be spending time trying to marry two independent systems.

I am running an intel nuc as well i5 16gb
After everything was restored come the next day …home machine and crashes the z axis…

The Mach4 just closes while machine is
running …no warning, error nothing.