Mouse problems on Mach4 computer

Hello all,
This is a weird problem but I wonder if it is common for Mach4/Avid users…
My mouse has started to left click on its own! not just once in a while but a lot of the time. It’s so not safe. This is on my machine computer and it ONLY has Mach4, and is only used to control my machine. Has anyone else experienced an issue like this?

I take all the reasonable safety precautions I can think of in the workshop, and especially with this machine. That’s probably the only reason I still have my fingers with this problem going on! It’s down right dangerous! I have been in the middle of setting up to run a tool path and had the cursor over the cycle start button and had the machine start on its own. Imagine if I had been changing the tool!!! This mouse click thing happens all the time. Just now the machine did the z autozero routine on it’s own. Crazy… I try to remember to disable the machine at all times except when running, but i fear my memory alone isn’t enough!

If anyone has had this happen and knows how to fix this - I’d be grateful to hear from you!!!

I’ve never seen anything like this. Do you use a wireless mouse? Do you have another Bluetooth mouse paired to this PC that someone else might be trying to use elsewhere? Have you tried a different mouse?

Seems like a really strange, unique issue to me.

I’d start with swapping the mouse right away. They are cheap to get. If you have a built in trackpad you can usually disable touch clicking and the physical clicking buttons in the windows settings when you have an external mouse plugged in.

That should help you see if the physical mouse/pointing device is the issue here. I suspect that it is.

Hi folks… Thanks for your thoughts… yes I’ve swapped mouses. I was using a wireless when it first started and I was convinced at the time it was the mouse. I swapped in a wired USB mouse and no dice - problem was still there. I’m still using the wired mouse now.

Have you considered that it could be a sticky enter key on the keyboard?

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There is a darn good reason to have a touchscreen on a CNC and it has nothing to do with cool looks. In fact, touchscreens and Mach4 are the worst combo but you don’t have mechanical devices that get clogged with swarf and dirt and start behaving in a dangerous manner.

If you don’t want to do a touchscreen get a touch pad and this keyboard

Or as a combo;

Hello all - Thanks for the replies. I’ll check out the keyboard. I think I may have solved the problem. fingers crossed. The computer is a laptop and I’m using a mouse/keyboard with it. I turned off the laptop’s touchpad.

I use this keyboard. It’s tiny and although it’s bluetooth, I hard wire it to the Computer. Also, I like the arrows on the upper right for moving the axes.