Machine looses zero position often

I use my machine to cut furniture parts. I secure a dimensioned board to the SB, cut the part, clean up and do it again. Once a board is secured to the SB, I hit go to work zero and it moves there to start the next part. I do this for at least a couple of hours each day. At least once a day the machine looses where it’s zero point is. It will work fine for a while, then just one time it will go somewhere else when I hit go to work zero. I have to home, then start over again.

I am wondering if my using the keyboard to move around has anything to do with this?
When a part is finished I use the keyboard to move away while I remove the part, then I use the keyboard to move the dust boot around to clean up the wood dust, move it away again, secure a new board, then hit go to work zero to start again.

Is me using the keyboard to move the gantry around a lot like this causing me to loose the zero point? Is this possible?


Yes. You can probably force it to happen by quickly toggling arrows or pressing more than one arrow at a time. It might work just fine if you briefly pause between direction changes. I don’t want to risk it, so I gave up keyboard jog.

See this whole thread:

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Yeah, definitely a Mach 4 bug. I still jog with the keyboard, but I’m more careful about switching directions and mashing buttons, and I stopped using a bluetooth keyboard due to slight lag. I also got an MPG / pendant, and use that for a lot of jogging.

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Good to know this! Thanks guys!

I recently had this issue also. Turned out I had an improperly tensioned belt.
Easy to check and re- tension.