⚠ Mach Update! Please read!

We have released Mach4 for Avid CNC Machines v2.4.3. This revision introduces a fix to potentially inconsistent probing values during zeroing and other calibration routines that were present in the prior revision. We recommend that anyone currently using v2.4.2 upgrade to the latest revision.

The update can be downloaded here:


Updating to this version works like any of our previous updates. If you have questions about how to update please refer to the link above. If you’re having problems updating (we don’t anticipate that you will) please contact support using the link at the top of this page.

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When you say “please refer to the link above”, I find that the “link above” does not include any instructions on upgrading.

Do I uninstall the old version or install the new one on top?



That link above contains this new update along with instructions for setting up and installing Mach.

You can update what you have or do a fresh install, it’s up to you.

In either scenario it’s always a good idea to backup what you have.

OK, thanks. I did see this:

Applicable for new installs and updating from all previous versions.

but I wasn’t 100% certain what was meant by “updating from all previous versions”.

Most release notes (and I read a lot of them!) say explicitly whether or not “updating” requires that I uninstall the existing system.

Recovering from a broken Mach 4 can be a real PITA and it loves breaking itself.

Thanks for the clarification,


What we mean there is that you can fresh install this or update from any previous version. Same installer for both scenarios.

Has anyone been experiencing issues with the new update?

I’ve seen enough posts on here to know that updating can mess things up for users that have customized their experience. This will be my first update since getting my machine. Do I need to do anything other than copy my configuration prior to the update?

Copying your profile is a good idea (especially if you have customizations)

Additionally you can copy your Mach4Hobby directory that is on your hard drive somewhere else. That will copy your entire install. If you ever want to revert back to the old version you had you can just remove the current directory either by actually moving it or renaming it, and replace it with your old installation directory.

I do a lot of software testing here and that’s how I do it. At any given time I have 4-5 Mach4Hobby folders that I append something onto (like Mach4HobbyTesting123)

When you click the Mach4 button to start it up it will load whatever version is in the Mach4Hobby directory.