Upgrade Avid M4?

I’m running Avid M4 V2.0.6. I have no problems. Should I upgrade to current V2.3.8. I don’t run plasma or rotary, don’t have the larger spindle.

If I decide to upgrade, do I follow the installation procedure as if it is the first install? Are there remnant files that need clean up?

If all is working ok and you are not the experimenting type, don’t do it. If you are adding a laser or looking for some added feature then go for it. Here is what I do, go into the C drive find mach4hobby folder and rename or just copy and paste it will add copy to file name. Then install new version, if causes a problem just rename the working copy back to mach4hobby. It helps if you get really descriptive on the naming of the folder, you can use up to 260 charters in the name.


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