Mach4 run from startup in fullscreen

how do I run mach4 from startup in fullscreen? I have two machines and one does this correctly the other always starts in the not completely full screen. I have went into properties of the shortcut and selected run maximized. I’m sure this is yet another simple thing I have overlooked .

When I put mine in full screen mode (in the Mach4 View menu), and then close it using Exit in the file menu, it will open up the next time in full screen mode. Yours does not?

Make sure the machine.ini file is writable. Sometimes when you copy over a network or using a card to move the file the OS will mark the file as read only.

that is correct, I just tested in full screen mode (in the Mach4 View menu), and then close it using Exit in the file menu, opens up not fullscreen

Weird. I don’t see any parameters in the .ini file to make that sticky.

There is a windows property for the desktop icon for the loader, but I’m not sure if it will affect mach4 or just the loader.

The other way to make it start full screen is to change the shortcut command line. Here, search for full screen;

It would be the /f command…

well the /f made it open full screen in the windows box that was not fullscreen. this appears to be a window thing not a mach4 thing…

Nope, that is very much a Mach4 thingy. Alt+Enter is the windows default shortcut if the app supports it.

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Just wondering if you change the screen resolution down a notch what happens then? :thinking:

I’ll give it a try. I had some screen settings at 125%, set it back to 100% I reloaded and no change. Then I loaded one of the other mach4 items, it was mach4router and it opened in the same not completely full screen window so I did an ALT+ENTER it went fullscreen. Then used the exit and loaded up the avid shortcut and it loaded in a full window like I wanted. I did a reboot to see if it would load correctly from the startup and it did. Thanks for helping Jeff.