Motor size for benchtop pro?

I am planning on building a benchtop pro machine , I plan to use closed loop stepper motors. I have a current machine with clear paths and have had challenges getting them tuned well, specifically on the dual drive axis. I don’t intend to use them again and I don’t think they are necessary in my application.

I planned on just building using nema 34 motors in the 900-1200 oz inch range. Money is less of a concern but I don’t want to use motors that will just damage components. My cuts tend to have a lot of short moves, so acceleration is more important than max cut speed would be 80-100 ipm.

Other than cost, is there any reason I shouldn’t choose nema 34?

That’s interesting… what challenges did you run into?

Have you looking to our NEMA 34 kit for the Benchtop? We sell the control/motor kit all together on our website, but we can sell you individual parts if you want.