Mozaik cabinet software

Hi its someone using Mozaik cabinet software with avid cnc?

I don’t see a post processor for Mach4 for that product but that doesn’t mean anything.

You should contact the authors and ask them if they support Mach4.


They will provide/write a post processor for you when you do the initial onboarding too, neat additional service.

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I have been in contact with them in the past and the claim that they have one. They will also customize one for you if you need.

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Have you tried to use it with your AVID? I am thinking about using Moziak for a cabinet job I am starting. They show it on the list of machines.

Personally I haven’t used it, but I have seen folks that have. According to what I’ve learned from Moziak not only do they have a post, but they have some specific features that help with Avid CNC machines, namely a way that it can help you locate fasteners in your sheets to hold things down without using a vacuum table.

I use Mozaik with my Avid. Im running mach 3 w/atc and so far its been great. Should be no issue to get a post for mach 4. They do have features that when machining are geared towards lighter machines such as Avid. I tried the screw down method…skip it and go vaccum hold down. When running sheet goods, especially cabinet parts where there can be very little waist the screws become a pain to position them. With all the possible joints allowed in the software the ENTIRE sheet needs held down for accuracy and the best way is vaccum.

Totally agree on the vacuum table. The screw option might be good for folks dipping their toe into cabinet making.

If you don’t have a vacuum table these are wonderful: Omer B17P Composite Nailer - B17P.763 | Avid CNC