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I’ve been struggling to figure out how to just “center punch” in mach 4 and learned that the Avid post processor won’t allow "drill " operations. It was suggested to generate the g code and then insert it into the tap file under the Avid header but I’ve been unable to get that to work. I’m looking for a fee for service to help me maybe zero in on solutions more quickly. If you’ve got some skills and are willing to help, maybe we can agree on a price for your time. Thanks.

What CAD software are you using?

Hey Rob,
I’m using Fusion 360 and, at present I’m doing some simple adaptor plates so I can upgrade my machine’s Z axis. I have the Avid control box controlling an old 2’X4’ burntables machine. The current problem is, I’m looking to just mark the plate to more accurately drill the small bolt holes and am attempting to use a “center punch” function in sheet cam. I’ve been in contact with Avid support and learned that the Avid tweeked post processor only will allow jet cutting operations. My Mach 4 is also the Avid tweeked Mach. As a result, it’s ignoring the “drill” operation and in talking with support, they suggested using a different post processor to generate that, center punch g code and then inserting it below the Avid header so mach will recognize the program and cut. I’ve made some progress but not fully. In the Arc Light tutorial that I’m trying to use, the sequence is to use the “drill” option to just mark the drill points at a low plasma setting. Insert a pause snippit M01, turn up the power on the plasma and then continue to cut the outline of the contour. I’ve got it to the point where I can edit the g code in mach, but it’s not recognizing the M01. This is a link to a you tube tutorial that does the “center punch”. I’m also wondering if I can switch to a non Avid tweeked Mach 4 for these types of operations. That’s where I’m at for the moment.
Plasma Center Punch training video


## Plasma Center Punch training video


Hi Andy,

I am not a plasma guy but might be able to help.

Starting with M1 not working; Have you set “Optional Pause” in the run tab? Not sure if the plasma screen set even has that but the controller will blow past an M1 without that set. If you always want to stop the machine and force the operator to hit cycle start, use M0 (Non-optional stop).

I will take a look at the video.

Thank you for that. I’ve been communication with Leire at Avid and he’s been clear that this is outside of Avids support, but has been offering advice to maybe find a work around. I’ll check into the Mach screen set to see if that option is there and if not, I’ll try M0. Part of the issue is that Avid has tweeked both sheet cam and Mach and as a result, some of the you tube tutorials don’t work as advertised. I’ll play around with it and see what I can do. I’m a little surprise that Avid has made just marking a plate for drilling this difficult because jet cutting small holes (6 mm) is not very clean. At any rate, thanks for taking the time to offer suggestions and I’ll continue to plod along. Hope you’re having a good weekend and thanks again.

Best of luck. Will be interested to see how it all turns out. Saw that there are a variety of folks trying to help out with what I am sure is more experience with plasma than I have. If I ever get into it I am sure I will be asking many of the same questions :wink:


I had the same problem trying to get the plasma to fire a small hole…here is the solution Plasma pierce hole not working (where is my mistake?) - sheetcam.com