NEMA 23 Plug and Play kit and other parts for sale

I purchased a Plug and Play NEMA 23 CNC Control System kit with the hopes of being able to build my own CNC. Well fast forward a few years and everything is still sitting in a crate in my garage and I have not been able to build the machine I was hoping to build. Everything for this kit is new and never used or mounted. I also have two PRO Rack and Pinion Drives for NEMA 23, a bunch of Pro Gear Rack, rack clamps, some V-Conn bearings and the V-conn rails and clamps.

I paid over $3000 for all of this, and hoping to get $2500 for it all. I am located in Seattle, WA.


If you still have these items for sale. I am very much interested. Pretty close to what i I am looking to purchase.

I just found this forum. Haven’t figured out how to direct message people yet. Ill post my info here in the next day or so if I cant find a way to direct message.