Avid Nema 23 control system, plus spindle kit for sale, in Virginia, can ship

I am selling my nema 23 control system. It is well, I just set up an ATC-servo system and don’t presently need it. I am selling items for 55% of new price for all of them, with options to get the spindle or not.

This amounts to the Avid control system selling for $1135 including a few extras.

The details are here:

Im interested in buying your controller but not the spinle


I added my email to the doc link that is shown in the original post, with info about the system. The second line has my email, which is my paypal and primary contact (I don’t put it here, bots will spam it, etc.)

I will re attach the original spindle plug, I have a 2nd identical machine at a shop I’ll visit today, I’ll view it’s pinouts for that connector on that one, and re-install it back to stock for you.

Please email me your address, etc. If you are in central VA, USA even better, we meet, but otherwise I ship.


The system is still for sale. If Tobie, or others, wish to purchase, let me know.