Avid Plug & Play NEMA 34 Control System & Prox Sensors - $2000

I’m making some changes in the shop and transitioning from my custom machine so I’ll be disassembling this one to make room for the new one!

For sale is a complete Avid Plug & Play NEMA 34 CNC Control System with limited hours. I didn’t maintain the hour records so I can’t say exactly how much time is on it, but the kit was purchased in late 2022. The only material that was cut was foam.

This system is the standard 4-drive configuration, with the longer cables for 4’x8’ or 5’
x10’ machines.

I’ll also include the Proximity sensor kit with the associated longer cables.

The components are removed from the machine already and photos are in the works, but I wanted to get the post out there in the hopes of a quick sale so that it will help to fund the new equipment!

Located in NW CT for anyone local, but shipping is included in price.

Let me know if you have any questions! Thanks!

Just out of curiosity what did you switch to for a control system?

@Eric, I’m moving to a Laguna machine and playing in their ecosystem.

Oh interesting, are you putting a Laguna control on your Avid CNC or just getting an full Laguna machine?

Going full Laguna on this one. I have some big plans for the future!

The Avid controls are awesome, just don’t need them anymore!

No problem! I was only asking because I’m always curious what people do when they do big upgrades like this whether or not it involves our parts :slight_smile:

Is this still available?

This still is available!