FS: PRO 60 x 144 8.7HP spindle NEMA34 steppers - $18k

We are selling our Avid CNC PRO 5’ x 12’

NEMA 34 steppers
8.7HP spindle
Leg kit
MatchFit spoilboard w/ detachable vertical table

Weve used this machine for 2 yrs for slab flattening and floating shelf production. Never maxed out the power, its a very strong machine. Business is going a different direction. It will be disassembled the week of May 8. Interested parties please message me and we can demonstrate it in operation over Facetime or in person.

Machine location: Whidbey Island, WA

Hello. My name is Ryan. I am interested in your 5x12 you are selling. Can you please message me when you get a chance? Thank you!

Arizona phone number. But I am from Washington state.

Unable to edit the original listing, so marking this as ‘PENDING SALE’ in the thread.

Just wondering if this has sold or not yet? Thanks!

We planned to decommission the CNC router after the new one arrived. However due to power / infrastructure modifications the new CNC router will not be operational for ~60 days. Our Avid CNC will be needed during that time.

My apologies for the premature FS offer. Ill update the thread when the sale can resume.