For Sale: AVID PRO60120 5'x10'

Hello all,

Asking price $15,000 & Location Avondale, Az

I am selling my PRO60120 5’ X10’ CNC machine and everything you need to get going. It has around 100 hours on it. Mostly used for flattening and sheet goods. I will transfer the software to you. It will include the following items:

Nema 34 Spare parts kit. New belts (3), bearings (8), grease, and drive spindles (3). $650. The machine will run like new. It will come with tramming tools to make sure everything is square and true (granite flat and dial indicators ~$500), It will also have a good spoilboard as well as a vertical spoilboard. I am selling due to moving across the country to Indiana and not having room once I get there. Good laptop that can run your CAD, CAM, or just act as a stand-alone computer I7-9750H & RTX 2060 ($1000). Custom clamps fixtures and jigs. Additional composite nails included.

Additional items for sale:

Dust Collection system: $750

3D printer - Raised 3D Pro 3. Lots of filaments and accessories: $3500

I will have it assembled for another 5 days for demoing. After that I will have to disassemble it.

I have lots of other tools and am willing to consider additional offers. If there are items you do not wish to have or wish to include we can negotiate. I will not be able to deliver unless it is disassembled. Email me at or text/call me at six02-three76-zero665.

I was wondering if you sold it.

Not yet, but now I am in Indiana. It is also disassembled.