Noisy stepper motor

I get a rhythmic knocking noise from one of my stepper motor. Is there anyway to stop the noise? Does it need to be replaced? It also feels slightly warmer than the other motors. I have added a link to a video where you can hear the noise. I was not able to upload the video directly.

noisy stepper

Hard to say as Iā€™m sure many things can cause this, but I had a similar sound that was from a bad belt. Check all the ribs on the inside of the belt to see if any are deformed/damaged.

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Worn pinion gears. Time to replace them.

Avid support was very helpful with this. In the process of diagnosing this I found that many of the gantry bolts have vibrated loose over the years, some as much as a 1/8/- 1/4 turn.