Pendant for 4896

I have a Pro4896 coming soon. I am thinking about using the Vista P2-se with the ee box using mach4. Does anyone here have this set up?

Never used a Vista but I’ve seen one and it seemed like a solid product.

As you’ve apparently discovered the only pendants on the market today that support Mach4 are from Vista CNC. I have seen a couple people make their own but I don’t have the skill or patience to do that myself. I had a previous 4896 a number of years ago and used a VistaCNC pendant and it was fantastic. I have a new Avid 6036 and currently just use a keyboard and wrestling with whether to fork out nearly $300 for a pendant.

My only caveat and it’s just hearsay is that support from them is spotty. Of course when they are the only game in town then…well you know how that goes. I am certain others with direct experience with pendant in question will jump in with better advice.

I have a VistaCNC P4-S in route now. Should be here tomorrow. I will have it running by the weekend. After I have some time in use I can let you know how it rolls.

My research all pointed to it being a good product, but support was severely lacking. When I checked the website…it looked like there was active development and all the needed software was available…so I’m not too concerned. I’m a pretty season IT nerd, so I have been known to accept more risk in those areas than most would tolerate.

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I saw the same comments about support. Please let me know what you think about it. It will be a while for me I am still waiting for the 80/20, all of the router boxes came in today.

I looked at the Vista but just didn’t feel warm and fuzzy about how well it supported Mach4. I gave the game controller a try as well, but never really got the feel for it. I still have it, but very rarely do I pick it up. I also have a tiny wireless keyboard that has a touch pad. The issue I have with a touch pad is, if you hit it too hard it’s a mouse click. Depending on where your pointer is on the screen, that can cause some things to start when you don’t want them to.

Same as Tony, I use a tiny keyboard, this is the one I am using:

I have the VistaCNC P4-S and can ease your mind about support. I had a pendant go out due to what I think was static shock. He sent me a new one no problem. If you email him, he gets back pretty quick (24 hrs or so) Im very happy with the quality of the PS4 it does what it says it will do.

Thanks for the info, are oyu using it with MACH4?

Yes, MACH4. works perfect!

I have a Pro 4896 with a Vista P4-S and have been pretty happy with it. I think it’s the closest you can currently get to having a controller that was built for/as part of your machine. Occasionally, I have to disconnect/reconnect the USB because it is not responsive when I first fire things up. Not sure if that failure is because of the PC, Mach4, or the pendant. It’s not a big deal, and the pendant has never failed me when using it.

Built a Standard 4896. I have been using the VistaCNC iMach P1B with Linux CNC with no issues. Works like butter…