Anyone using the Vista CNC pendent for mach4?

Got a "plug and play’ pendant model 4s from Vista CNC and having issues with plug and play… i plugged it wont play

Did you install the plug-in for Mach4 or whatever you are using? Although they say “plug and play” you still need the “plug in” in order to “play.”

I did from their app, loaded the 2 files into the plugin folder in Mach4… they sent me a response on email, that basically just pointed me back to the instructions on the one page doc that came with the device…am trying again today… will keep you posted… obviously from following any of my posts, learning screen design, gcode and now trying to install the device I am venturing out of my comfort zone…making furniture

I have the iMach3 P1A-SE one and it was really plug and play. I installed the plugin, restarded Mach4, and it was working out of the box.

I have the Mach4 version from same company mentioned in previous email, and with some encouragement from other posters and some methodical slow reading of the install instructions got it working…and it’s very helpful when running around a 4X8 machine…thanks to those that posted… now onto Mach4 screen designs

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