Planer roller question and dust collector size?

Good day.
A question to the carpenters out there.
I was given an 16x8 planer… I replaced all the bearings, motor everything.
Got the blades resharpen and some paint…
Question on the rubber rollers…they seem hard but not cracked…is there a product to recondition/rejuvinate these?

Also what size HP? are you guys running for dust collector on your cnc?
In the end the dust collector should be attached to cnc, router, planer jointer and miter saw. probably at the most the cnc and on other machine might be running…

any advise on size?

Thank you!

I think you can get new rollers for the planer from “western roller.” I personally use a 3hp dust collector for my 1 man shop. 8" main trunk, 6" flex hose going to my cnc and it works great for what I do with mine. I think you could use more power if you were really cutting some stuff deep and fast.

My dust collection is limited to my power capacity- single phase, and all my 240 volt circuits are spoken for. That said, I’d run as powerful a system as I could support- especially if cutting MDF. I hate- HATE -MDF dust!

A colleague of mine said rubber rollers in tape decks could be rejuvenated with glycerine; that might work on your planer rollers. (I have no experience doing this however.)